Thursday, June 28, 2007

Three years ago...

It has been three years today that I started working, but it seems a very long time ago. 27th of June, 2004 was the day I boarded my first flight and the next day I joined Tavant Technologies. Clothed in neat formals, I was apprehensive about how would I survive in this alien software industry and the corporate world as I took the long auto ride. The first thing I did at office was meet the HR person who had given me the offer letter a little over a month earlier. Things look so distant I have actually forgotten what happened next. From my more recent experiences at joining at other places I can guess I would have filled up a few forms, met new people, and tried to be friends with them. I would have gone out for lunch at one of those various restaurants in Koramangala, and would have had coffee later at the office.

I had a three-week long training as soon as I joined, along with eight (or were they nine?) other guys and one girl. But I don’t remember whether it started the same day or the next.

Exactly two years later, 28th of June, 2006, I bought my first bike. The date was not planned, it just happened to coincide with my date of getting employed. I would not have remembered it at all had it not been the same day.

I don’t remember many of my friends’ birthdays and anniversaries. I don’t remember the date of my first date, I don’t remember when did I start to shave (I am not even able to recall the month), don’t remember the date I had those painful surgeries. But, strangely enough, I distinctly remember today, and I remember the 17th of July, 2000, my first day at college. Perhaps I had waited too long for these two days. Perhaps because these two days would change my life forever, maybe these were the two biggest ‘incidents’ of my life.

Today when I was riding to my office, I somehow knew I completed my three years of working; I did not have to think about it approaching weeks ahead as we do for birthdays, and this was the most surprising. At times I forget what date is it today, and today not only did I recall the date, it dawned upon me from somewhere the importance of this date. I cannot try and understand completely the reasons of accidental remembering of this anniversary; like at many other occasions, I can only marvel at the strength and power of the human brain!

Monday, June 25, 2007


When I logged into my blogger account last weekend, I found Blogger has metamorphosed: the latest beta version (codenamed Invader) was released and then taken out of beta, there were a host of features never seen before, and Blogger had completely moved out from Pyra Labs’ servers to Google operated ones—I had to integrate my blogger account with my google account to start posting.

Well, I was bitten by the blog bug sometime in October 2005 when I created this blogger account. However, it was mainly to post non-anon comments at friends’ blogs, and with a faint hope that I would start blogging myself sometime. Finally the hope fulfils. :)

I was surprised at how fast things change. (Yes I know I should expect time to fly)—it has only been a year and a half, and I find everything around me has changed. I’ve had two job switches, my parents moved to Bangalore, I’ve grown shoulder-length hair and switched back to crew cuts at least thrice. My friends have been going places, hopping jobs and cities and continents, some coming up with startups, others getting married, some even attaining parenthood—and I couldn’t come up with a single post in this time. But yes, I was busy elsewhere—hunting jobs you might say.

Even the topics I had thought I would write upon are either irrelevant now or I’ve forgotten the details. However, an entire new set of ideas and thoughts have come up and I intend to regularly write on them and publish.

Let us hope I do not get busy in hunting again and present you with some posts soon.

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