Wednesday, March 26, 2008

मन रे तू काहे न धीर धरे?

मन रे तू काहे न धीर धरे
ओ निर्मोही मोह न जाने जिनका मोह करे
मन रे तू काहे न धीर धरे

इस जीवन की चढ़ती ढलती
धूप को किस ने बाँधा
रंग पे किस ने पहरे डाले
रूप को किस ने बाँधा
काहे यह जतन करे
मन रे तू काहे न धीर धरे

उतना ही उपकार समझ कोई
जितना साथ निभा दे
जनम मरण का मेल है सपना
यह सपना बिसरा दे
कोई न संग मरे
मन रे तू काहे न धीर धरे
ओ निर्मोही मोह न जाने जिनका मोह करे
हो मन रे तू काहे न धीर धरे

साहिर लुधियानवी


Rishabh Makrand said...
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Rishabh Makrand said...

when I saw the tag message in Gtalk, I thought I lost a friend.. and s/w industry lost one more gem.

coz Ashutosh became poet now...

Thank God he is still with us.

A great poem by Late Sahir Ludhianvi Sahab.

the poem says it all in simple language, cant comment on his creation.

But, a good collection to keep in/as post.

Violet said...

One of my absolute favorites! But the spelling mistakes, which is in all probability due to an erroneous text editor might spoil it for somebody not-so-familiar with the song. I hope you would find some way to correct it.

Violet said...

Also, it is 'woh' nirmohi.. In the song it does sound as 'oh', and most people accept it that ways, but I personally believe that in the context of the movie and the following lyrics, it makes sense to be 'woh'.

ashes said...


Don't worry, I don't have the caliber to be a poet. I'll still be a software engineer. :)

ashes said...


Well, there are no spelling mistakes. It is probably because you don't have the Indic language options set correctly in your browser. I guess you'd be only seeing the maatras at the wrong places, and that too especially the ि and the र्.

If you find some other spelling errors that I would have omitted, please let me know.

And yes, it is always intended to be 'वो' nirmohi, its only the way it is pronounced, omitting the first consonant. I think it is similar to the way you omit the 'अ' (ok, a vowel in this case) in अगर to say गर. There are many more such words that I cannot give an instance of right now, but thats a style of writing. You'd write and sing that even as the actual other meaning would be implicit.

Nova said...

Awesome lyrics!!!

ashes said...


Welcome to my blog. Keep coming.

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