Saturday, November 03, 2007

Project Dark Chamber

Thank you Saurabh, who got me the camera I longed for so long, or, actually, was planning for so long to get one, and maybe longed to save a few thousand rupees on the deal.

Thank you Diya, who purchased my camera thrice, from three different websites, but all three times the order was cancelled by the different companies for different reasons:

  1. the billing address not being the same as the shipping address,
  2. their policy not allowing them to deliver at an office address, and
  3. the item running out of stock, even after the order was placed and accepted.
Poor Deepak Garg had to keep haunting online shopping stores for me during his entire stay at NY.

Thank you Andy, who purchased a camera for me online but they wouldn’t deliver it to the hotel Saurabh was staying in. Anadi had to brave against the bank call center personnel who couldn’t spell and pronounce Anadi Misra because despite sitting in North India, they were supposed to be attending a call from the US and hence were expected to fancy an American accent.

Finally I’ve got one; anything could have gone wrong anywhere considering my luck with digital cameras. I half expected half of my savings on the camera would be used to bribe the customs officials. I was skeptical till I actually got the camera in my hands almost five weeks ago, thankfully without further glitches. The credit for the camera goes to Saurabh's luck (and of course, to him as well), and this belated post can be credited to none other than my favorite activity—procrastination.

The one Saurabh Jain smuggled for me is a Sony DSC-T100. As with every other decision of mine, this one too was quite difficult and took a long time. I researched on the host of models available in the market, visited the various camera websites, shortlisted a few (eight) cameras based on my preferences and budget, and tabulated their series of features in another favorite—an MS Excel spreadsheet. After confusing myself and contagiously spreading it to Andy, Bharvi, Dheeru, Diya, Kaler, Sandy, Saurabh, and almost everyone I saw as a camera owner, I finally decided on the T100 from outside my spreadsheet and over my budget.

It was probably not the best choice, but you'd be asking for too much if you expect the qualities of Mallika Sherawat and Gulzar in one person. While I craved for a high zoom, I had also wanted to show off my sleek camera slide out of my pocket. T100 had the highest optical zoom in the ultra slim category. It is a good camera for indoor, point and shoot photography at family functions et cetera, and has a few extra flashy features, and an impressive UI with some sound effects. Well, technically it meets expectations, but let me save the details for another post.

However, as I write this post and visit the Sony website, as it happens with all gizmos and technologies, I discover that DSC-T100 has been refurbished and a new DSC-T200 has been launched, with a wider touch-screen at the same price, and some extra features I did not bother to look into. Thank God I did not have another option to choose from while deciding.


Anadi Misra said...

You know, I can understand people not being able to spell Anadi...It has happened to me a lot even when I was in India, but what that guy didn't want to spell was 'Saurabh Jain'...I mean, come on!
And he was saying it in a funny way as if he had heard that name for the 1st time...
Khair, I was not really frustrated (I have had worse ordeals with these guys), just surprised and amused...

PS: Thanks for acknowledging me, you are being too generous

Violet said...

Hey.. just happened to check ur blog at this really odd hr :) glad to find a surprise post..
U missed me in the list. I was also consulted for the camera along with complimentary advice from my husband :)

ashes said...


Oh, I thought it was your name he couldn't spell. Couldn't imagine someone from North India unable to spell "Saurabh"...

PS: You actually spent some time and energy for the camera, and you did purchase Saurabh's camera.


It was quite surprising that you discovered my new post yourself and even posted a comment the same day I wrote the post!

I cannot miss you in any list, sweetheart, even if I want to :). Hence did not feel like explicitly mentioning your name there--well, I know, a lame excuse.

KT said...

sahi hai itne logon ka contribution ek camera ke liye... but I can understand because once I too researched similarly and then ended up thinking ... why can't thr be one camera which is simply the best... and affordable... sometimes ignorance is really bliss...

@Andy... and hey Andy waise Saurabh to I can understand but had it been ur name thoda to difficult name hai hi... ha ha

Deepak said...

Nice that you at last got a camera :)..

It was a haunting experience with the U.S. online websites who allowed only U.S. credit cards, billing address same as one on your credit card etc. etc.

And I believe there is something evil with you owning a camera..That's why there were so many problems:).. And It was more clear when I was writing this comment and my internet went down... and i have to restart my pc and write the comment again...:)..

have a great time with your camera. It's the best among the point and shoot:).. and I am saving my comments on my pc before publishing in case the internet broke down again:).

himanshu said...

much better written than your previous post which was crappy, unnecessarily serious, and very unlike you

ashes said...


Yeah, so many people had to help me get the camera. Could have done it alone had I tried it here or had I myself visited the US.


Don't tell me that my camera is so jinxed you couldn't even post a comment on a blog on it without any hinderances!


:) I know it was crappy, you should have said that in a comment to that post.

Saurabh said...

I hope the customs dept dont see your post :) You know I am an honest guy and dont indulge in such activities :)

Glad that you have your camera, but one thing you havent mentioned in the post is that you dont have a decent memory stick yet, one thing still procrastinated. But fikar not, ek din jaroor aayega jab hum majestic jake mem stick leke ayenge :)

ashes said...


Well, you hit the sore nerve. I do not have ANY memory stick, let alone a decent one, am still managing with the meager in-built memory. As with the camera, I suppose you will come down to my rescue. :)

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