Friday, January 25, 2008

Should I watch Saanwariya?

I refuse to spell it the way Sanjay Leela Bhansali did, even though it is his product and he is free to spell it SSanvarriyaa, or S-A-W-R-Y-A, or maybe S-E-W-E-R-A-G-E. For a detailed reasoning, please visit one of my previous posts here, where I did an RoR on the movie.

Anyways, the question is, should I watch Saanwariya after all the criticism I got from the critics and media and blogs? As per my Review on Reviews, a few people enjoyed the movie, whereas a few others said it sucked! Someone said it is a one-time-watch.

I want to watch it because it is an SLB flick, and I have liked all his previous endeavours. The kind of effort he puts in his film-making, the grandeur, the intensity he shows, the way he makes non-actors like Aishwarya Rai act, everything is commendable. All his movies have had some wonderful music too. While some people (especially the lady bloggers I reviewed) liked the blue-black-green ambience throughout the movie, some others complained about SLB having shot the entire movie only at nighttime without lights. I think I'd love the gray (blue+green+black would anyways make gray). Sonam Kapoor's hairless back, unlike her father's, also tempts me to watch it, even though I'd like to skip Ranbeer's towel-sequence.

Now this colleague Vijay Krishna Mishra had a copy of Saanwariya, but he wouldn't share it with me. In fact, he deleted it because he did not like the movie and thinks he would be considered crazy if he tries to download it again. However, on my repeated and genuine requests, and some emotional blackmail 10 minutes ago, he is ready to download it for me, but with a condition: I write a post about it, asking people whether I should watch it or not, and if a single person answers in the affirmative, Vijay will download it for me. His addendum pops up on the IM as I write this post: I should play a fair game and not coerce anyone into saying a yes.

So all of my readers, especially she who wanted to watch it with me, please give me your honest opinion. All those whose answer is negative please consider if they watched a few memorable masterpieces of the last year like "Dhamaal", "Welcome", and "Khoya Khoya Chaand". If you have watched and liked any of these, you are not eligible to say a "No".

Please go ahead and participate in the poll by putting a comment. Please be frank and do not be afraid of Vijay. He is not Vijay Deenanath Chauhan, after all.

PS: The poll shall be open even after he is filled to his heart's content by one positive comment, and the post shall be open for other comments as well.


kani said...

best movie of 2007 hai.. abhi dekh.

ashes said...

Thanks Kani. Thanks a ton.

Vijay has agreed to download it for me and promised to give it to me Monday. This is how our conversation went:

i (12:58:34 AM): dekh ek comment aa gaya
vijay (12:59:04 AM): shit
i (12:59:09 AM): :)
vijay (12:59:11 AM): koi friend hai tumhara
vijay (12:59:25 AM): i was about to write a comment
i (12:59:34 AM): ab yaar mere friends bhi to padhte hain mera blog
i (12:59:41 AM): tu bhi likh de comment
i (12:59:47 AM): kya lihkne waala tha waise tu?
vijay (12:59:47 AM): he didnt give ny reasons
i (1:00:00 AM): diya to hai reason: "best movie of 2007"
i (1:00:09 AM): also, I did not ask to give reasons
i (1:00:20 AM): that was not part of the deal
vijay (1:00:21 AM): this is not true
i (1:00:26 AM): he believes so
vijay (1:00:33 AM): ok
vijay (1:01:06 AM): i will give on monday
i (1:01:24 AM): oh thanks :)

Anadi Misra said...

dekh lo...itna bhi kya sochna :)

ashes said...


Thanks. I am not thinking on this one, I've already decided to watch the movie, have been lazy to rent it out of a CD shop or install torrents and download it. The blog is in return to this downloading-favor done by this colleague.

Roli said...

Hmmm... dekhi to maine bhi nahin hai abhi tak...

But yes, you can watch... and then I will see after getting your reviews :P

Violet said...

I thought I would be the first one to put a 'big yes'.. and that will do the stuff for us :) anyways.. I am the one pestering you for the movie, so an obvious 'YES' from me.. I don't think much of the movie but I do think high enough of SLB to catch up this one, for its visuals if not anything else..

ashes said...


Yes, now that Vijay has promised, I shall watch it, and then give you my review. :)

ashes said...


Yes, I too had wanted you to be the first commenter; had almost called you up but I knew you'd never switch on the computer and comment at that late hour.

I also am interested in the visuals some people termed as "very gloomy artificial sets".

Rishabh Makrand said...

Sorry dude.. since you got a deal from Vijay and anyway he is getting you that on monday...
but will warn you...
its a very "bomb" movie.. take a leaf of disprin while watching...
1) Rani mukherjee's role and acting
2) Miss kapoor's stuid laughter(I mean one should laugh but not in excess, and her's is ear paining.. I mean ladki ki hasi me khanak hoti hai.. but yahan to...)
3) Salman khan, now why he is there in movie..when the other guy is already there for bollywood's fav "ang-pradarshan"
4) is there any flow in movie.. I mean any story kind of thing...(if you find let me also know), flash back, within flash back...and dont know how many backs...

yep few songs you can listen but that also kind of one time...

anyway if you really want watch it..go ahead...

let me know your comments after that..

Chaitanya said...

I have'nt watched the movie yet and not planning to .Not that somebody advised me of the risk ,but i dont like nocturnal and gloomy representation of a picture by Mr Sanjay .

But for sure i will watch this if "Mr Vijay (soon to become Deenanath after watching this) " recommends me .

Please do inform the after affects of Mr Vijay after watching the movie ..!!!!

Shailendra said...

Now this is ridiculous ... U need a poll to watch a Movie.. Amazing.. :-)

Come on yaar.. It's gud to ask someone how the movie is ?? But watching that is completely u r decision. If u wana watch then please go ahead... Perception of ppl cannot be same as u r. So Dude don't go with d masses views.. :-)

Bhaiya Samjhao isko kuch.

Plz take this in right spirit :-) No offense to anyone ... Lekin Bhaiya tum iski class lo... he he he.

NB:Movie is little better than OSO.
If u watch it after watching OSO then u will like it..only reason is "There diff ways to make CRAP" u will learn that.

vijay said...

I took the pain of downloading the movie. Believe me i had to try hard to find a single torrent for Saawariya. I have downloaded numerous before this but this one was really difficult to search. Ashutosh please copy it ASAP. I fear even my hard disk is finding it hard to carry it.

ashes said...


Thanks for the warnings, however that does not deter me from watching it. I have not been able to watch it yet, had been keeping very busy lately. Shall do it sometime this week and then let you know.

ashes said...


I too am not a very big fan of nocturnal and gloomy scenes. I still have bitter tastes of reading some of the classics like David Copperfield and Wuthering Heights, but then they were supposed to be sad stories based in the gloomy English plots unlike this one.

Let me watch it and let Vijay and you know the aftereffects.

ashes said...


Thanks for the lengthy comment but had you paid attention at reading the post, you'd have known it is not a poll. As I pointed out in one of the comments above, I have decided to watch it, only that I wanted to forgo the pains of getting a copy myself.

I am surprised at you not liking OSO. I thought it was typically the movie you would like.

ashes said...


Thanks for the movie dude. Haven't watched it yet. Shall try to do it this week.

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