Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Urge

As I read one of my favourite blogs in bed this morning, I had this peculiar urge: to work for a company whose office is located in the other end of city. I generally like riding any distances preferred to being time-bound with an office cab/bus, but today I felt I'd really like it, when I could sit down with my laptop, or a book, and enjoy my time up and down. The probability of a book, however, is much lesser, although that is what I used to do when I was in Delhi and used to travel back to my hometown on weekends.

View from my balcony.

Later (when I was completely awake): I realize this is quite a mammoth task to accomplish. Can't do that in one year. Too many strings attached.


Anadi Misra said...

Ever considered taking a road trip ?
Or is it because you are getting nostalgic about your Modinagar-Delhi trips ?

ashes said...


Yes, have done a few bike road trips to a few places close by (80-250 km). Car trips are frequent, but since I did not have a car yet, they were more of cab trips. Bike trips are generally very interesting and much more enjoyable than car trips.

If you remember, I did a bicycle trip once from Delhi to Modinagar (70 km) in the second year, it was quite fun, even though one of my partners did not go and the other too tried to chicken out at the last moment.

Roli said...

Hmmm... good post. So, now you are comparing your lovely bike with new car or to the comfortable trips to modinagar? :P

Siddharth said...

aajkal to tu har kuch pe blog likh deta hai, good going

ashes said...


Thanks. The comparison will always be done. Both the bike and the car have different uses, but this post was written not with a perspective to compare.

ashes said...


:) I first read it as "Aaj kal tu har kuchh blog par likh deta hai"

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