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Bachchan's Big Blog

I am late by a month and you'd already have visited Big B's Big blog at I came to know of it last week when I surfed upon an interview of Amitabh on CNN-IBN which mainly concentrated on the blog.

Amitabh Bachchan also seems to have reached the power of blogging to interact with his fans, after Aamir Khan, who started blogging a year ago. However, as opposed to Aamir, who generally has short posts, Amitabh writes at length after his first post, and goes on to publish his interviews and views on various things, shares his thoughts and experiences, talks about his family and work, gets pensive at times and ponders over life and its aspects, like a general blooger. And as a celebrity blogger, replies to articles on the press, rectifies and clarifies accusations, rants out against media allegations.

Reading his blogs make you feel so close to him. You feel like he is directly talking to you about normal life routines, and is discussing his problems with you like a friend. He reads comments and responds to them too. Obviously we cannot expect him to respond to each and every of the thousands of comments he gets daily, but he answers to people's queries, thanks them for their appreciations, and clarifies things.

The epitome of humility and downtoearthness that Amitabh is, his blog reflects that. For example, he writes in his 26th April post about Abhi-Ash wedding:

Every member of my entire staff with their families, people who have worked and remained with us for over 30 years, drivers, cleaners, kitchen staff, peons, minders, office bearers, security, helpers - formed the major portion of my (invitation) list. My family, Jaya, Abhishek, Shweta, my grand children and I all sat with them and looked after them, served them food with our own hands and nothing in the world could have given us more pleasure than doing that. For me they were my most important guests.

The blog is much talked about in all forms of media. People wonder why does he have to take the trouble of answering every little matter thrown up by the media and dignifying them. Some daily accused him of being super-sensitive, taking offence at the slightest provocation. He replies back here by saying that after years of accusing him of arrogance, non cooperation and aloofness, after years of pleading for response, reaction and information, now that he is providing it himself through his blog, the media suddenly starts cribbing the other way round. He does play tit-for-tat at times, which goes against his modest image, but I appreciate him all the more for that. However down to earth one may be, they should not let anybody talk anything about them. And if they do, they need to be corrected, in their own language.

There is lot to know about the actor on the blog. There is lot to learn and get inspired. I already look forward to his post everyday and his blog would definitely form one of the blogs I would like to keep in my reader for ever.

The only thing I wonder is, how does he manage so much in 24 hours? Working at odd and for long hours, keeping in touch with friends and family, giving speeches and interviews, reading the print and electronic media and keeping track of who said what so as to hit back on his blog, and blogging on top of it! These are the activities he talks about on the blog. There would be definitely many more. There sure is lot of hard work even for a living legend like Amitabh Bachchan. Is the procrastinator in me listening?


Anadi Misra said...

Though I too am of the opinion that Bacchan shouldn't dignify trash talkers who are just vying for attention by taking pot-shots at him...but reading your blog opened me to the idea of why...thanks! You a big AB fan?

BTW, I did enjoy Balki's (Cheeni Kum) response to Anurag Basu's comments on Bacchan

Haven't read AB's blog though, will put it in my to do list.

Anadi Misra said...

Oh, I also suspect that he has some assistant who does the typing, getting interviews, and fine-tuning things for him....he probably dictates and gives ideas, considering how busy he must be, and not so computer savvy (that's an assumption)

ashes said...

Yeah right, I am a big fan of AB. I hadn't read the mentioned comments before you pointed it out. And now when I read it, I too find it superb.

Well, getting interviews would definitely be managed by someone, and he would have someone to type down all interviews, and let AB publish his own original version. (He says the media conveniently twists his answers to create masala). And he has a team at that helps him out with the blog. But, he writes quite a part of it himself, which you would know once you read some of his posts. There is this one post at 2:53 am where he mentions "Its the end of the day. And in the solitude of my room, my thoughts are back with you". That somebody else cannot write this for him cannot be ruled out as a possibility, but the way he seems attached to and enthusiastic about his blog, it doesn't look like he would use such lines had he himself not been writing.

Try some out, and you'd enjoy the blog.

KT said...

brother you may be late by surely more than a month... I think it caused a stir when he had only created a blog.

and I think you guys have already discussed it that he has a dedicated team to maintain his blog. I saw the post where he tried to compare KBC-1, KBC-2 and Paanchvi Pass. The graphs and bar charts gave a straight indication that he may not have written a line of it.

I don't have problems with someone maintaining his blog, only thing some of the posts like above seem to be stuffed just for sake of traffic on BIGADDA, after all it is owned by Anil Ambani and BigAdda failed to create any flutter in social-networking market. Pt is some of blogs as these may not even have been thought out by him.

But yeah, if you go through some of his posts, after 3-4 posts you can easily find out which ones are written by him.

Amiya Shrivastava said...

You know what Ashoo?? I confused humility with humiliation!! and there it went and became Oxymoroned..

The versatility of Mr. Bachchan distinguishes him and also makes him different from others.

99% of humans suffer from procrastrination(This is strictly what I feel) and those who do not become superstars.

Anonymous said...

i don't find ur blogs ...... interesting
actually ...... few r good ...... but not all
........ u know ...... sometimes .... Art Movies r really boring ...... jab tak unki story solid na ho ;)

Garima said...

I did hear about BigB's blogs but hadnt read any..... Well this blog of urs has definitely aroused interest in me to read his blogs and moreover even I questioned the 'procastinator' in me ....."R U listening???????"

Violet said...

I dint know that AB has started blogging till you told me last week, and even then did not visit it till I found the link here in your blog. Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the biggest procrastinator of us all.. sigh! And believe me, I really wanted to read it, just couldn't find the time for it.. pathetic!

ashes said...


:) I had wanted to use 'humbleness' but then someone would have pointed out fingers...

Nice thoughts on procrastination.

ashes said...


Thanks for the feedback. But that means I've been deteriorating. I am really concerned about my blog. If a reader found it interesting earlier, but is losing interest now, that means I should improve my writing. Let me try and present you with an interesting post next time.

ashes said...


Nice to see your comment after that one initial time. And if I remember, the procrastinator in you has also been procrastinating writing, as you mentioned in that comment. :)

ashes said...


I knew you would not search the url and visit Bachchan's blog. Hence I wrote the post, so that you don't even have to take the pains of remembering/bookmarking.

ashes said...


He could have used the graphs and pie charts, but could have written the content himself. And I disagree on that some of these may not even have thought by him. He would not allow anybody to write on his blog. In many of his posts, he rants against people who write about him in their own media, and conveniently manipulate facts. The way he is against all that that he wouldn't allow any such possiblity on his own blog!

Amiya Shrivastava said...

Waiting for ur new posting

rohit said...

hi bachan i am rohit from varanasi

Anonymous said...

see i am even late in replying. but i wanted to tell an important thing. i read in some tech blog, maybe that BigB's blog accounts for around a fourth of traffic coming to Bigadda. So you know how popular is BigB's blog.

ashes said...


Hi Rohit I am not Bachchan from Allahabad...I am ashes from Bangalore, and I shall convey your regards to Amitabh when I meet him next...

ashes said...

Chronicle of my life:

Well, that is what many people claim, that it was a ploy by Reliance to increase their traffic. However, Bachchan posts so frequently, and is so verbose, that I lost interest in reading him, and have not visited his blog since a very long time...

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