Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Another late-night post

Everything was so calm and tranquil. There was almost no wind; the sky was overcast but there was a certain coolness in the air, quite cooler than indoors. Things looked so different and beautiful in the night. After an average day at work and a not-so-good evening just before leaving, I had come home, had dinner, and after my parents had retired to sleep, had gone down to the park in the apartment. It was well past midnight, and the park was completely deserted, which is otherwise full of children playing around on seesaws and slides and monkeytraps, older children playing basketball and badminton, and people on their evening walks. After strolling along for some while in the park, I had sat down by the side of the swimming pool. I just hung out there, quietly, connecting...

The water and I.

A striking contrast at the moment, I still somehow liked it being there. Wanted to draw some inspiration. I don't know how long did I stay there--it was one of those times when I did not want to think anything but could not help thinking. One of those times when I was doing exactly what I was trying very hard not to. The evening's incidents revisited in my head. I was trying to analyse the (f)utility of everything...debating with myself, admonishing myself, getting angry at myself, and so on and so forth. I wished I could get drunk. And on my side lay the waterbody, so calm, still, serene, and unagitated, as if complementing me.

The tranquility and the turbulence.


Violet said...

The first comment for the first time!
So, are you learning to enjoy your own company now? or the water's in this case:P On a more serious notes, I guess it is always better this way, being alone when we are agitated. At least the other people get spared.

Anonymous said...

If these r the Pics of ur Appartment Swimming Pool …… then I must say …. “Its Really beautiful ”.
But... Why u were sitting at the Side of the Pool …….. “Don’t u know Swimming ”
& At Last … I wanna say …. That u have not written abt ….. Someone (I mean “Love at first sight”) …….. Jiske khayal …. Aapko tab Zaroor aaye honge ;)

Anadi Misra said...

Yaar, bade andheri pics hain...were they out of the range for the night-mode?
Kya hua, udaas kyun?

I Love taking walks in the night, around my aptt. complex. Also, going out to the beach during night...something very calming about the dark, the roaring sea, the moon and the breeze...esp. fun if you have company! Try it sometime.

ashes said...


You have been the first commenter for at least four other of my posts.

I want to, but I always fail to enjoy my own company. And yesterday I was far from enjoying. But yes, at least close people get spared.

ashes said...


I was about to address you with your name, but then I realized probably you know that I know your identity, and that this anonymity is not for me but for other people.

Well yes, that's my apartment complex swimming pool. I had wanted to have a swim, but the water was really cold and had anybody seen me swimming at 2 in the night, they would have thought me crazy.

Nahi yaar uska khyal nahi aaya, aa jaata to shayad jaldi waapas ghar aa jaata main :)

ashes said...


That was the best I could manage with my night mode, and I could not have wanted more light in the dark pics.

I know all that you wrote, and many more simpler things, would be a lot of fun if you have company!

Anonymous said...

" 2 " in the night .... u must be seeing some SLEEPLESS DREAMS !!!

Amiya Shrivastava said...


That's a vivid explanation of your feeling and the photos are really beautiful. But I feel the whole thing can be framed in a better way..It seems you have written the post hastily..


Amiya Shrivastava said...

..but I liked the (f)utility approach..

ashes said...


:) Bang on! I was seeing some sleepless dreams...only that they were nightmares. :)

ashes said...


Thanks dude! Yeah I wrote it without thinking too much...wanted to vent out rather than construct a well-thought-off post.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! The serenity and yet the power of water some times just blows me over!!!

ashes said...


Thanks for dropping by. Since this was only a swimming pool, it could only be serene. Had it been a sea, it would have been quite powerful :)

Cuckoo said...

Hmmm... loneliness. Isn't it beautiful in its own way ? I love these kind of moments.

And drunk ? You could have, had your parents not been there. :) That's another advantage of loneliness, called solitude.

I liked this post very much. Made me think & smile. :-)


ashes said...


Yes, loneliness is beautiful in its own way. But I don't like it when it gets to my head. And maybe that's why the tendency to get drunk, so that alcohol gets to my head and pushes loneliness out.

I could have got drunk had I had something to drink. :)

Thanks for liking the post. What exactly made you smile?

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