Saturday, September 20, 2008


Well, this post comes in like an unplanned baby among many other posts I had in drafts or on my TO-BLO [sic] list. The motivation comes from Cuckoo's request to participate in her monthly photography contest on her photo blog. You participate by creating a post on your blog containing a photo related to the topic for that month, and then posting a comment on the host blog with your blog's url. Here are the rules.

By sheer eleventh-hour-habit, I just drafted this post 3 minutes before the close of contest. And one hour and seventeen minutes later, here I am, having passed my 3000 odd photographs through 4 levels of sieves, but still left with seven photos where I think I did a not-bad job.

I would make the official entry to the contest with the above photograph. However, if Cuckoo wishes to, she is free to consider any one of the pictures below as well for the contest.

[On reader's choice, increased the above photo's size]

Okay, after enough free publicity of Cuckoo's blog, let me shut up and wait for the results. Other readers please let me know which of the above photos you like the most.

[Update(23 September): It seems I made a wrong choice of photos. Everyone who commented seemed to have liked the second one more than the one I chose; it actually makes sense because that shows clouds, the one I chose shows the sky in general, but I liked the colored clouds there.]


Cuckoo said...

First a BIG thank you for participating (not for publicity).

Aisa nahi kaha tha maine ! Now I am embarrassed !
Ah well, when this is the result of your 11th hour habit, I wonder what can happen if you really plan & give time to something. :)

And when you could not select one, how can I ? Don't make my job difficult... I'll take the one you've chosen.
And I can see, in some photos you were above the clouds. :-)

Have you checked other entries ? Guess the topic was an easy one. ;)

ashes said...


Thanks. Actually I had forgotten about this contest, and realized the deadline was due only when I accidentally visited your blog 15 minutes before the deadline.

I guess you too were waiting till the deadline gets over. Or till I complete my post ;)

Yes, I was above the clouds in a couple of pics. And the closest contender of the one I participated with was the one where clouds are visible below the horizon

Cuckoo said...

Ah, your instant reply !!

Ok, now were you waiting for my comment here ? :P

kani said...

sahi! sahi!

I like the second one

Roli said...

What should I say about your photography..? ahh!!! all are amazingly brilliant...

but yes, if I have to select the best pic for the "clouds" I will go with the second one...

The third and the last one is also
very appealing as one is of rising sun than the other one has a chandu mama and you know that how much I love to see moon in the sky...

Violet said...

Nice pics.. but i like the second one most.

~nm said...

They all look lovely! Its so difficult to choose preferred one.

ashes said...


Thanks for liking the pics and expressing your opinion.

ashes said...


Thanks. Yes I know chandu mama is your favorite. In fact, that is the only pic I ever took of the moon, despite dozens of pics of the sun.

ashes said...


Thanks. If it is so difficult for a fellow-competitor, imagine how difficult would it have been for me to choose the entry photo.

Welcome to my blog. Keep visiting. :)

Cuckoo said...

"It seems I made a wrong choice of photos...".. All I can say is that you should always go with your instinct !!

Congratulations !! You won.

Hop over to my blog for details. :)

ashes said...


Thanks. There is another post regarding my win. :)

~vagabond~ said...

I too like the second one much's much more vibrant. Congratulations on winning! :)

ashes said...


Thanks a lot.

Amiya Shrivastava said...

I liked your Pondi pics better than these!

ashes said...


Yes, even I like them more. Unfortunately, the theme of this contest was not Pondicherry :(

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