Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Nature Retreat

If you have a trek in the forest, some cool sports among dense trees, a coracle ride and unrestricted swim in Cauvery waters, zero mobile and internet coverage, no pollution and no concrete structures, you agree with the owners of the Anandadhama resort branding it as a nature retreat. I am glad we could not attain majority from one of the four resorts that were suggested for our team outing, and finally this fifth one was chosen.

Having started from office at 7, we had reached there by 10, travelling 100 km. After a rather uninteresting breakfast, we went out for this trek in the jungle, a major part of which was a flat track, at times a few streamlet would accompany us. The latter part seemed interesting, which had some rocks and waterfalls, but it was ruled out for a lack of majority. The guide warned us of cheetahs or elephants, but the only species of the animal kingdom we encountered were a couple of spiders, a snail, and a dog.

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Half of the team went to play cricket after the trek, and the other half decided to rest on the lone hammock and chairs around it, or wander about in the woods. This was okayish, but the real fun began post lunch. There were a series of activities clubbed under Jungle Gym.

The first one was called Trust Fall. You stand at the edge of a high platform, and fall backwards, arms outstretched, onto a mattress placed on a net 8 feet below. It was really difficult letting go. The second activity was the Tarzan Jump. You jump down a high platform, holding a rope, and swinging like Tarzan. Great fun, but no one could oscillate back and land on the platform.

Another interesting sport was balancing yourself on a semicircular beam. We were divided into two teams, both of which started simulataneously at the ends, and had to reach the other end crossing the other team on a beam 3 inches wide. This was followed by archery with quite lethal (per our guide) bow and arrows. Then there was a variation of Tarzan jump where the platform was less higher, the rope smaller, and a water-filled ditch had to be crossed using the jump. None of us could cross, and everyone fell into the slushy ditch. Someone said the water tasted salty, and we wondered if it was the handiwork of the dog that kept accompanying the guide.

The last part was a coracle ride in the Cauvery, which was quite relieving, followed by a swim in the currents. We swam in the river for around two hours, and that was great fun, even though I was too tired in the end to swim back to the shore. Finally we packed our bags after shower, and started back for Bangalore, completely tired and exhausted, but the mind quite refreshed. We had so much adventure and thrill in one day,much more than what we had expected, but one wish still remains: staying back overnight at Anandadhama and wandering about in the woods and watching the sun rise over the Cauvery.


Anadi Misra said...

sahi man...travelogue banta jaa raha hai tera blog...great fotography yet again....aise jalao nahi itna ghoom ke :)

and like always....i like ask...where next?

Roli said...

That means, you are enjoying a lot... good :)

ashes said...


:) This one was totally unplanned and was a surprise for me as well. Ek din ke notice par gaye the... :)

Let us see...most probably Coorg is next...

ashes said...


Yes, enjoying a lot. I never thought I would enjoy visiting places so much. :)

Amiya Shrivastava said...

Yeah! it seems to be a coooool..I think it was a team building effort so that you guys can gel with each other and work more are cool again..

and related to your chrome blog..the javascript part ...yeah it doesn't work..while on IE if you are on a freedictionary page and double click a word then it automatically takes you to the corresponding word page and it doesn't happen here in Chrome..

Well you guessed it right I didn't know what Coracle means...

ashes said...



I never knew about freedictionary page, just googled it up. And since works through a browser addon, it wouldn't work on Chrome because it does not support add-ons as of now. And even if it did (as in the case of Desktop Assistant), you would have had to reinstall the it after you install Chrome. An add on cannot know and work in applications installed after it.

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