Saturday, June 21, 2008

Vantage Point

Director Pete Travis
Cast Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox, Forest Whitaker
Released 13th Feb, 08 (Salamanca, Spain)
20th Feb, 08 (USA)
2nd Mar, 08 (India)
My Rating3.5/5

An assassination attempt made on the US President who is holding an anti-terrorism summit in Spain. Secret Service Agents Thomas Barnes and Kent Taylor look for some clues on Howard Lewis's handycam as there is a blast at the podium, leading to further pandemonium. The film loops over and over from different participant's perspectives wherein the plot convolutes as the storyline rewinds and restarts at the same point in time eight times over; the secret service agent and terrorists anticipating each other's moves and outdoing each other. Ultimately the mystery unfolds and you feel good about all pieces falling into place.

The best part is the car chase scene in the end, amidst the already chaotic city, that kept me on the edge of my seat. Fast and jittery camera work during the entire length of the chase keep adrenaline pumping in as you watch the Chevrolet Astra chasing the Police car. It is absolutely amazing and cool!

The locales are spectacular, in the ancient Spanish city of Salamanca, although the golden sandstone buildings occupy only a few frames in the beginning of few perspectives.

Dennis Quaid has done complete justice to his job. He portrays the strong and convincing look of a person handling such an important position, and his sharp, aquiline eyes are on the vigil every instant. Forest Whitaker also played his part of the innocent, courteous, helpful tourist well, who had to go through so much. Israeli Ayelet Zurer looks good as the mastermind's sidekick.

On the flip side are an ending that could have been better, a few goofs and some improbable uses of technology, and no explanation on the terrorists' real motives.

Overall, a fast-paced action thriller that keeps you engaged from beginning till the end, rapid-fire editing and cinematography topped up with a few good actors and an interesting narrative make Vantage Point a must watch.


Indigo said...

Good review! I agree on everything but Ayelet Zurer. She got a good body but that's it.

I feel you could have elaborated on some points, but I see the reason you have not done that: you do not want it to be a spoiler. This is enough for someone to get interested in watching.

Shailendra said...

Watched this mv long back...It's a one time c..but that too in big screen.

In the end u will feel that.. Everything falls in place and no one does anything for that... All gud gud ending- Bad ppl are killed - gud ppl are victorious. :-)

Well u r review will prompt many to watch this mv :-)

ashes said...


Thanks for liking the review. I did not elaborate also because I had wanted to keep it short.

ashes said...


Yeah, both me and Violet felt we should've watched this on the big screen. And yes, I agree about the end too. :) The goody-goody ending happens all by its own. Burai par achchhaai ki vijay. :)

Violet said...

True.. I always like movies where things fall into place in the end. In fact, I hate loose ends, I cannot stop wondering what would have happened.

Shailendra said...

Voilet??? Well if that person is the one with comment just before this .. then i'm not able to view his/her profile... :-)

@Violet --Real Movie is one which hit u.. the one which u forget as u step out from the theater is not worth watching.. Although Every Mv loose the space in our small brain.. But still some shld haunt u... n Movies with loose ends where u got to connect them are d best.. to stay for a long span of time :-)

Watch AAmir.. if u haven't ..

ashes said...


Yeah, Violet is the same person.

I agree on the lasting, haunting affect, and yes, Aamir is on my to-do list.

Amiya Shrivastava said...

I am craving for more .. you have written it very nicely but you left me starving in the end...

ashes said...


If you are craving for more, I'd suggest go watch the movie. :)

ashes said...


Most movies have a sense of completeness at the ends. Ones that do not have are either meant to be followed up by means of a sequel, or are intentional to let the the feeling linger and the audience ponder and create their own ending.

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