Tuesday, November 11, 2008

21st Century Healthcare

"The storm is now over. Me back to blogging makes me feel things are falling back in place. I shall be back in full action very soon."

These were the closing lines of my last blogpost. I stand corrected. If anything, it was the calm before the storm. The very next morning (of writing that post) I woke up with quite a pain in the arm. An hour later, it had started bleeding profusely and I had to be rushed to the hospital. I was glad I had changed to Columbia Asia from Ramaiah a week ago. The doctors in the casualty could stop bleeding by the evening but I had to spend a few days in the hospital.

The first couple of days were painful but the next two turned out as an extended weekend where I rested well, watched a lot of TV, read, and enjoyed hotel-like facilities while under good medical care. I haven't visited Apollo but this was far better than Manipal, which is regarded the best in Bangalore by people living close to it. But Manipal isn't half as sleek, efficient, and clean.

Columbia Asia looks like a corporate office more than a hospital. A huge reception where reps help you in the queue and then escort you till the respective department/doctor, a spacious lobby sided with a CCD outlet and a bookshop, and a smart decor and lighting take you in surprise. The wards look like hotel rooms with Sony Bravia TVs and Italian couches for attendants, and wifi internet. I, however, stayed away from my laptop else I'd have been blogging this from my bed or would have been w-f-h (hospital). The bathroom had Biotique toiletries. Good-looking bellgirls serve food to the patients' rooms from a choice of menu; I had delicious pasta one day, noodles another day, and different soups everyday. The normal thalis were tasty and filling too. I was put directly on line with the chef when I had wanted to have a variation in a side-dish.

The doctors and nurses were patient and quite dedicated. I had a surgeon, a haemotologist, and a physiotherapist visiting me frequently and following my case keenly in an almost VIP-treatment. The finance guys visited me at my bed to help me when I wanted to file a claim. You are known through your MRN and your entire case is accessible from any computer on the hospital network. Your prescriptions are ready at the pharmacy even before you reach there to collect them. Ok, it is a bit expensive (my room was twice as expensive as a room in Ginger Hotels, and everything followed suit), but the comfort is worth it.

Constructed in a 130,000 sqft campus by Brigade group adjacent to their upcoming 30-storey state-of-the-art office space with a helipad, this was the Seattle-based consortium's second center in Bangalore. There are 12 more Columbia Asia facilities in operation in India, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia, and 26 projects under construction/design.

The cool facility rose my spirits instead of dampening them as it generally happens when you have to stay in a hospital. Good care was taken of my arm, and though it will still take some time to heal completely, here I am, exactly one-week later, all praises. There is another facility near Hebbal, and one coming up in Bangalore South (Jayanagar?) and one in Whitefield, by 2010. I would not wish any of you visiting a hospital, but if need be, I'd definitely recommend Columbia Asia.


KT said...

of all things, you just did a post on the hospital, facilities etc etc .. what abt the nurses thr ... it wud have been a motivating post you know... he he

aur mujhe bataya hi nahin tune ..... I mean the weeks in hospital might have been panic situation for your family....

Anyways now that you've started going to office, I will drop in for a visit this weekend.

Roli said...

Good to see your another post while its still healing, but this time I don't want to look it as calm before the storm. Wish you with all my heart to get well soon.

I know that the hospital is really good and you have enjoyed each and every bit of it.You know the important thing is inspite of this trouble and pain, you made yourself engaged in the hospital ambience and facility. I should say this is the courage and your positive side. I am very glad and proud of you.

Take preventive measures now also and take very good care of yourself.

Anadi Misra said...

u make me want to fall sick :P...glad you are back!

BTW, I had written a somewhat funny comment on your earlier blog, but then you got hospitalized again so it appeared to be in bad taste, hence I deleted it. But you would have read it when you got the notification.

ashes said...


:) I did not mention the nurses but I did mention the beautiful bellhops of Cafe Columbia that serve delicious food. :) Good food by beautiful girls was better than glucose by nurses. :)

ashes said...


Thanks sweetie. I am taking good care of myself, and however good the hospital might have been, I do not want to go back and stay there again.

ashes said...


Don't fall sick, dude. :) Even though hospitals in the US would be much better. Just something I got curious about while writing this very comment: do you have tall blonde nurses with those model-like figures in hospitals in the US? :P

Yeah I had got the notification, but I quite did not get it completely, and could not see the significance of Duryodhan there. I had wanted to ask that in a comment on that post but then it would have been out-of-context.

Rahi said...

that VIP treatment surely wud hav come at a VIP price. anyways, the usual hospitals make u sicker. can't forget a recent visit to the hospital to see a realative on death bed.

ashes said...


Yes, as I mentioned in the post, my room was twice as expensive as a room in Ginger Hotels, and everything followed suit. But it was worth it. And thats what you have your medical insurances for.

Amiya Shrivastava said...

Again an informative post..

..I am pretty sure that Indian medical science is advanced and good to know that corporates are promoting it..

..what's w-f-h?

and how much did you spent on all this?

Anadi Misra said...

Sorry, I just saw your comment...

In Mahabharata, when the pandavs are living in Indraprastha...that was before the whole dice plot, so the Kauravs, Duryadhana included, come to pay a visit...and are impressed and jealous by the magnificence.

Anywayz, so when Durodhana is walking around, exploring the palace, he gets knocked down by a glass wall (similar to yours)...Draupadi, who is standing nearby, mocks him, saying "Andhe ka Putra Andha..."

That quote and a few other comments she made against Karna (Soot-putra etc., son of a chariot-driver) instigated Duryodhana to humiliate Draupadi after winning the dice game....

So when I called you Duryodhana, I was referencing the same incident, walking into a glass wall :D...was supposed to invoke humor but u got re-hospitalized, hence i took it back.

Some nurses are pretty here, but not all...haven't had much experience and hope to keep it that way..

ashes said...


Yeah...India is improving in this critical direction as well.

WFH is work from home, generally. But here it could have meant work-from-hospital.

I had to spend quite a lot...it was around 15K for 3 days, out of which 4K was lab tests and medicines. The rest was room rent and nursing charges.

ashes said...


Oh...No wonder I did not get it..I know the rest of the story, but I thought it was a pool where he fell into which looked like land...this was designed by Vishwakarma in the Indraprastha palace. See here.

But yes, Google baba gives some resources that corroborate your version.

Anadi Misra said...

ya, you are right...havent read the epic in over 15 years hence a little fuzzy about details...the water story was the more popular one and I too was thinking that there was some relation with water when i was typing it out...but couldn't think what...but seems like there was a glass wall story too...

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